Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health 2.0 - Pharmacy and Medication

First a series of demonstrations from:

  • KwikMed - Prescribing online from a Drs perspective
  • Mirixa - Attacks the challenge from the point of the pharmacy and pharmacist
  • InnovationRx - Providing medication management services to address non-adherence
  • Zumelife - Zuri is a prototype device/service to receive reminders and record activity. The examples was focused around diabetic users. There will also be an iPhone application with a to do list for medications, diet etc.
  • DoublecheckMd and PharmaSURVEYOR - dealing with drug interactions and drug safety using open platforms and data interoperability across companies.

One of the things that came across in these exceedingly brief 3.5 minute demonstrations is the potential to integrate these tools together to add new value. In particular the opportunity to take some of these services mobile.

Zumelife looks to be a fascinating development because it embraces more than just prescription drug monitoring. It allows the users to manage diet and other aspects that address the whole wellness management for an individual.

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