Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health 2.0 and the Privacy Conundrum

After my stint as a bouncer - yes it is a bizarre adventure....

Now I get to sit down and listen to the discussion on privacy being led by Carol Diamond of the Markle Foundation.

Advice from Philip Marshall of WebMD Health: "Do right by your users. Do right by your sponsors."

Kepa Zubeldia, EVP - Interoperability Technologies at Ingenix. "After the fear of the HIPAA police subsided people began to publish their companion guides to HIPAA that explained their approach to HIPAA. Ingenix has collected over 1200 versions of HIPAA as a result of this."

"HIPAA is a process and not an event. A process that changes and we have to adapt to it."

We have to learn that we can do things as an industry without government compulsion. We have to learn to work together. The pieces have to work together. We have to have an inclusive framework.

HIPAA doesn't work on its own. What is really needed is enforcement to combat inappropriate use of HIPAA information.

Deven McGraw, Director - Health Privacy Project, Center for Democracy and Technology. "When you don't have consistent practices for information management you can easily lose trust."

Consumers are equipped to understand privacy practices. They are just not going to read the legal terms.

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