Monday, October 20, 2008

We can't even ping

Today, as I noted in my earlier blog, the status updating site went off air, replaced by a GoDaddy default page. email to get's a 550 error - email is not being accepted.

Ping has vanished in to thin air.

Is this a case of the economy catching up with a startup that didn't have a business model?

Is there anyone out there from that can comment on what events transpired today?

May be it is a case of business models are out of fashion and revenue models are in! It is going to be the startups with the ability to eke out cash that will survive. But it will also be the startups that devise sound revenue generating models that will win out.

Is this the new sanity? If it is then we had better start polishing up our iPhone development skills. At least there we have an eager market with a monetizable distribution channel.

Okay, we may be at the mercy of Apple and their decisions to allow or deny a place in the App store but an application that is accepted to the store has a mechanism to earn revenue.

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