Saturday, November 08, 2008

Presto Enterprise Mashup at BarCampPhilly

I decided to take the plunge and lead a session talking about Enteprise Mashup Platforms. In particular talking about JackBe's Presto Platform. JackBe recently changed their licensing to offer a free lifetime license for Developers.

I am still learning the tool but thought I could at least explain the principles of the platform and encourage others to experiment.

This was a small session but there were at least a couple of converts. One person even downloaded the software during the session.

What we need to work on is an un-conference as part of Health 2.0 Boston in April 2009 that brings the JackBe platform together with developers to create some interesting health-related mashups.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to let your readers know that anyone can download the free developer edition of Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform at the Mashup Developer Community site:

  2. Deepak,

    Thanks for the info on the download link. I ended up giving a second session on Presto. There is some real interest out there.

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    That's really great to hear! We are very excited to make the developer edition available for exactly this reason because I think the once developers see and use Presto, I am sure they will really like what they see. Looks like you are already up to speed with Presto, but if anyone who reads this needs any help getting up and running with Presto, the best place is on the MDC (i.e. so the entire Presto team and a community of Presto developers can help.
    We also presented at the Silicon Valley Code Camp this weekend and was well received (see We are going to be at the Mashup Camp next week (