Saturday, November 08, 2008

Web Standards at BarCampPhilly

Kimberly Blessing led a fascinating discussion on Web Standards and why they matter.

Kimberly went from the 2006 SXSW presentation she did with Kevin Lawver.

Comcast use Selenium as part of their standardized testing suite to manage the Comcast web site.

If we want to see standards adopted we need to feed the training pipeline.

Jeremy Mandle: "Hopefully teaching will evolve in to a barcamp style method. The students are more in tune than the teachers."

Aaron Held from Comcast: "If you really want to understand the importance of standards then open up a three year old file and fix it."

Kimberly Blessing talked about The Circle of Standards. Remember to eat your own dog food and use the standards in the way you approach projects.

The circle is simple:

  • Standards creation and documentation
  • Training and communication
  • Project Approval and Review Process

Comcast is using sprints in an Agile development process with a 3 week Scrum cycle.

Internal development teams are totally different to client-focused external services team.

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