Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is it about Twitter?

I am preparing for a demo of Twitter on Monday. I have prepared a slideshow to help explain what is so compelling about Twitter. See what you think:

What Is It About Twitter?
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  1. Very nice presentation. Slide 12 - connecting with like minded people really resonates with me. For me, in addition to conversation, twitter is a constant stream of focused and highly relevant material. i get websites, news articles, high value links, intelligent commentary, etc. shot at me with no effort, other than following the right people. and i get to send out things i come across to to others who share my interests. i can 'fine tune' this content stream by changing who i follow. i am surprised daily by multiple websites or links I find very useful or interesting, but would never have uncovered myself. it is like an army of like-minded researchers sharing information in real time.

  2. Great presentation Mark.