Tuesday, February 24, 2009

World Health Care Congress Summit Day Two

Yesterday was a busy day at the World Health Care Congress Leadership Summit on Consumer Connectivity. What was amazing was that during the opening session Marc Needham (@mneedham ) of Scripps Health asked how many people in the audience knew about Twitter. Amazingly about 90% of the audience raised their hand. In deed a number of members of the audience were live tweeting the event. You can see the tweet stream, using the #WHCC2 hash tag on yesterdays blog.

Thanks to my fellow tweeters who were contributing to yesterday/s event coverage. The Congress got an enormous amount of exposure as a result of your contributions. This is great news because the topics being discussed at this event are critical to the future evolution of technology in Health Care.

The Personal Health Record is becoming a critical connection point in the delivery of care.

I will be running CoverItLive again today, except when I am presenting later this morning.

Here is the LiveBlog feed for Day 2 of the Congress:

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