Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enterprise Mashups - A definition

A couple of weeks ago Luis Derechin, CEO of JackBe, was interviewed on FoxNews. He was asked to define what an Enterprise Mashup is.

After the event JackBe ran a little competition for their developer community where they asked for a better definition of an enterprise mashup. The winner being awarded the honorary title of "Mashup CEO".

I submitted the following definition:
"An enterprise mashup is a real-time application that can be built by users or developers using data pulled from public or internal sources that creates new insights and understanding as a result of combining previously unconnected information in new ways.

The Enterprise Mashup Platform enables Just-in-Time development of solutions that reflect the real world reality that we need to use information from a wide variety of source applications in ways that were never dreamt of when the applications were originally designed and implemented.

The Enterprise Mashup platform differs from Consumer Mashup Services in recognizing and working within the security and audit requirements of an organization while enabling public and internal data to be brought together to create valuable and actionable information."

It appears that this definition was one of 6 selected in week 1.

Here is a video version that I uploaded to Screencast:

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