Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Web2Open and HealthCamp

The Web2Open area is already shaping up to be the "Conversation Mashup" place to be. The buzz is building.

@JayParkinson is a great example of creating solutions using the simplest of tools like Google Calendar and a web site. Grew 300 patient practice in 3 months.

HelloHealth a little bit of Facebook, A little bit of Electronic Medical Record, A little bit of zipcar.

A simple tool for connecting with your doctor. Email, IM, Video chat, text messaging. Phone integration too.

eg. Track blood sugar via phone status messages to the doctor.

HelloHealth takes 7% of transactions.

"Low overhead to connect doctor with patients. Like zipcar - rent your doc's time."

In MA universal healthcare means the demand side is fixed. The result is a 52 day wait for a Doctor visit.

HelloHealth is trying to address the supply side.

"Enhancing Communication lowers risks against having a disconnected Doctor."

Is this any different to when the phone was introduced.

Question from the audience: One third of 18-35 year olds have a chronic illness.

Oldest patient is 88 and the youngest is 2. Average age of patients is 35. They do not deal with Medicare. 35% of people over 70 are online daily. 90% of doctors use computers.

HelloHealth will be launched in 2009. The platform will include ratings. It doesn't provide delegation of records - that is coming with the next iteration.

HIPAA is not an issue because the Patient is in control of the record but HelloHealth is a HIPAA compliant platform.

Patients can print their last few visits. A secure PDF can be created.

"Why waste resources integrating with 1980's HealthCare technologies"

An API will become available. Google Health integration

DayDum - super simple way to track everything about your life. Fascinating possibilities to track information about ourselves.

There is a $250B out of pocket health care market. That is the market HelloHealth is going after.

HelloHealth is self-selecting. Passionate doctors are coming because they want to provide better care to their patients.

"Doctors patients come from walk-ins and word of mouth."

Advertising - tried it in New York, Timeout etc. but had very low conversion rates. The best way to recruit patients is to put your name out there and let people talk about you.

HelloHealth provides Doctor profiles - like Facebook that introduce the doctor, their philosophy etc.

"HelloHealth is an EMR with a Social Network."

Existing PHRs are horrible and doesn't give you the data you want. HelloHealth is designed to look like a personal Health Blog. Labels, tagging etc. are provided.

"There is no front desk because you have direct access to your doctor."

"50% of HelloHealth office visits are on-line." The typical patient visits 2.5-4 times per year.

People respect the access when you give access to a Doc's mobile phone. More respect than if calling a 1-800 number.

System allows sharing for second opinions. The patient is alerted when this happens - because the patient is in control they then approve access to their record to enable the second opinion.

HelloHealth Integration

Medgle is integrated with HelloHealth it is a platform that provides information datapoints around a diagnosis. eg. Asthma. This guides the doctor and patient on what datapoints to capture around a particular condition.

Change:HealthCare tracks spending and can associate cost.

Using Twitter feeds to track real-time information.

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