Thursday, September 10, 2009

HealthCampToronto and Medicine2.0

This time next week (September 18th) I hope to be presenting about HealthCamp's at Medicine2.0 in Toronto. This is the start of a busy HealthCamp season. The only fly in the ointment is the British Embassy. Yes, I am waiting on my new passport.

Hopefully it will arrive in time so that I can head up not just for Medicine2.0 but also for HealthCampToronto on September 16th that is being organized by @carlosrizo and @rdjfraser.

You will be able to follow some of the discussions from HealthCampToronto by tuning in to the #HCTO hashtag on Twitter. Remember though that Twitter now only has a short term memory. If you want to get at that history after the event you will need to take the RSS feed and archive it. I use Google Reader for that. To help preserve the #HCTO hive mind I am rebroadcasting the RSS feed via one of my public Google Reader pages.

Toronto is shaping up to be another great HealthCamp event. If you are arriving in Toronto early for Medicine2.0 you can't afford to miss the vibrant un-conference where you get to design the agenda. It is a truly user-defined conference.

If you can't make Toronto, I hope you can make it to HealthCampSFBay that takes place on October 5th - the day before the Health 2.0 conference.