Tuesday, October 06, 2009

David Kibbe - Health 2.0 in the clinician setting at #health2con

David Kibbe leads a panel on Clinician tools - Clinical Groupware.

The panel includes:
-  Paul Abramson, Myca / Hello Health
- Roy Schoenberg, American Well
- Steve Adams, RMD Networks
- Martin Pellinat, Vision Tree Software
- Arien Malec, Relay Health

We are moving away from monolithic legacy applications to component solutions that work together.

Lightweight apps that are internet-based and tie together patients and clinicians.

Myca Hello health demonstration of a chat sessin with a patient. Complete with back end billing and documentation of the health record. Looking nice.

Vision Tree Software showing http://www.optimalcare.com demonstrating how online clipboard can flow through to clinician workflow platform. They also have a mobile platform. The platform has been available for 7 years.

Now up Roy Schoenberg showing off American Well' s Online Care platform. The unique aspect of their platform is the brokerage system that it allows Physicians to make their services available in an electronic marketplace.

The clinician side of the platform  provides background to patients that are contacting them. 

 RMD Networks, ReachMyDoctor

Reminders, care tracker, with coordinated care plan. Embedded Personal Heath Record, On the provider side, collaborative CareSpace is about coordination of care. "HealthCare is a team sport"

The patient si at the center and is part of the team. The Team can be added to by the patient - can include a family member for example.

Using tools like forums and blogs to pull teams together.

RelayHealth then talked about SaaS platform. A connected platform. Connects to Health Information Exchanges.

We are on the verge of a revolution in accessibility for patients.

Gaining access to information that enables better, more informed decisions.
We are also seeing an evolution in the ease of access and understanding of the applications.

A Question - What is the incentives to share information. Patients don't want to go in to 5 different systems.

Steve A - Meaningful Use will drive collaboration. 
Roy S - Patients have an incentive - convenience. For Docs the incentive is money. 

Question - Empowering Patients - How can patients come together?

Paul A - Integrated platform provides workflow - the API enables apps to plug in. 
Arien M - Platforms are about extending reach of the Doc. Docs have limited time. 

David K - Meaningful use includes patient engagement aspect.

Question - Patient Education  and comparative information

Steve A - Clinical Groupware can incorporate Healthwise and other patient engagement tools to educate patients.
Roy S - American Well surrounds Patient with Targeted information to address their concerns. Also guide Patients to ask the right questions of their Doctor.

Question - How do Consumer Needs get understood in the development process?

Arien M - focuse groups, plus own experiences
David K - Journal of Participatory Medicine will address this area.

Question - Legal exposures?

David K - About to enter a regulatory control environment we have not seen before in Health IT.
Paul A - Dealt with security up front and put patient in control of their information. Telemedicine is an issue (eg. in CA it is not legal to do telemedicine diagnosis with a patient you have never met.

Question - Have Paters and Plans been looped in to their platforms

Roy S - Payers are their customers - bring health care in to the home because it reduces the cost of care
Paul A - MyCa being looked at by some Blues Plan - Sandbox investment has been made by the Blues.

Question - Telemedicine across states.  Which states are more progressive.

Roy S - Northwest states and rural states are more open to e-prescribe. Changing rapidly more flexibility. HI and ME changed state laws to enable Telemedicine.

Question - Changing the Dynamic of Doctor Selection - What features are emerging to impact this?

Arien M - Emerging trend in the the basis of competition. Patient Access and Experience is a competitive advantage. Docs need to learn to operate in this new world. 
Martin P - System adoption and messaging tools are changing dynamics. Tools are making communicaiton easier.

Question -  What are demographics of use. Medicare and over 65 populations

Paul A - Medicare don't reimburse for e-visits.. Hello Health is focused on younger demographic. We will see dedicated devices that enable patient interaction for specific groups
Roy S - Peak of use in Over65s using the system in the morning and paying out of pocket. Plans are funding use because cost savings are significant to the plans.
David K - These systems have separated clinical decision making from payment systems. We need to see the changes in payment structures to reward more effective use of these platforms. We need to see payment reform that incentivizes the right acitons and not reward quantity of care.

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