Saturday, October 24, 2009

#hcmn can device manufacturers benefit from Social Media

Real Time commentary from HealthCampMinnesota #hcmn

Patrick Kullmann (@growthcreator) moderating a panel on medical devices and social media.


- John Reid - Abbeymoor Medical (@theSpannerStent)
- Mary Halet - Regional Director National Marrow Donor Program (Registry of unrelated donors)

AbbeyMoor small company. Created a temporizing stent for men with Prostate issues

National Marrow Donor have 8m people on file with access to 5M others worldwide.

John Reid was very new to Social Media until the daughter of an investor suggested using YouTube and humor to raise awareness.
After stuggles with issues of professionalism. Within 24 hours of the first youtube video they went from 80 visits per day to to over 2100 unique visitors today.

The 18-21 year olds created a second wave of interest. The pass through to their elder friends and relatives creates awareness.

What the experience did is that if this connects people and raises awareness but the community will come up with answers. Encourage this community to share how they made decisions.

Fear of being a laughing stock. Actual impact has been amazing. It is now recognized by peers as a bold step.

NMDP - 2 full time staff on facebook and twitter. Uses Social Media to build roster of donors. Facebook fan page.

Have to be deliberate in creating concise and consistent messages. Staying out of conversation risks the message getting muddled and obscured.

Highly motivated and energized participants because Diseases are life threatening. Advances in treatment are being vetted in the court of public opinion. Taken deliberate space to provide transplant education. Provide credible resources for families.

Paul K: many Pharma and Medical companies are not listening to social media about what is being said about their own companies.

John R: Physicians are slow to adopt new technology. Don't have resources for outbound marketing. Using innovative ways in Social Media to get physicians and patients to call them.

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