Saturday, October 24, 2009

#hcmn - Its Your Health Deal with it

Real time from #HealthCampMinnesota

Collen McGuire - IHC Health Solutions (@CollenMick)
David Moen, MD Fairview (2nd largest health system in Minnesota)

@Albertmaruggi - How has Social Media impacted health care:

David M: Talented clinicians are less nervous than others around them. Most view the current communicaiton model as very challenging.

Social Media has great potential to build on the 15 minute interaction with the doctor

Collen McG: NAIC controls what they can and do say.

High Deductible plans push more financial responsibility on to members. People in that situation are more engaged.

2008 - 150M people did health related searches on the Internet.

Plans putting lots of wellness information and then listening. Let members come to them.

Patient Physician Collaboration - is there too much information?

Clinicians make sense of information for the patient. The Internet is great for empowered people but the challenge is getting people on the road to empowerment.

How can clinicians participate in disease communities when payment models don't support the effort.

Fairview recently started an Autism group and Parents are most interested in finding what causes this condition.

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