Saturday, October 24, 2009

#HCMN HealthCamp Minnesota Kicks in to Gear

Bright and early on Saturday October 24th HealthCampMinnesota kicks off. A massive Thank You has to go to Albert Maruggi (@albertmaruggi) for organizing the event. This will be a slightly different HealthCamp Event. It will follow a similar model that was used at HealthCampNash earlier this year.

Albert has arranged a fascinating set of speakers to lead a series of panels. The objective is to stimulate discussion around HealthCare Delivery, Payments and Medical Devices. So much is up in the air as Washington debates Health Care Reform that these three themes will no doubt intersect during the camp.

One of the leading lights in Health Care Social Media - Lee Aase (@leeAase) is kicking off HealthCampMN. I am thrilled to finally meet Lee. You can follow the Twitter feed for the event using CoverItLive - embedded below - or catch the #hcmn search stream.

If you are planning to be at HealthCampMn you can contribute to the day by registering on the Wiki and updating it with your ideas and contributions. Post links to your blogs, photos and video streams. The Wiki can be reached via a short url:

Now, just because there are a series of panels arranged for this HealthCamp don't think you can just sit back passively. We want you to join in. Test the panel, ask the tough questions. Ask a question even if it seems like a dumb one. We all have different perspectives and the value of HealthCamp is in bringing those perspectives and experiences together, sharing and learning together. HealthCampMn is very much "on the record" - Take photos, capture video, blog and tweet about it. Use the #hcmn hashtag when you post content to Flickr, YouTube and elsewhere.

If there are issues that you haven't seen addressed then stay after lunch and we can create discussion groups on the fly - in true HealthCamp style.

HealthCamp is your day. Dive in. Get engaged. You are a participant and not just an attendee. Most of all - have fun. We want you to come away energized.

If you can't be there then check out the Intro to HealthCampMn on YouTube.

Finally don't forget. If you want to run a HealthCamp there are resources available at to help you do that. Or drop a comment here. I am always happy to instigate a new Healthcamp that will spread the word about Participatory Medicine.