Friday, October 23, 2009

#ITOH what am I taking away from the conference

Thoughts as I head to #hcmn HealthCampMinnesota that takes place tomorrow (10/24).

Like a lone bird....

There were a lot of great people at the conference. Many intense conversations but at the end of the day the industry seems very inwardly focused. The patient consumer got a few passing thoughts.

A lot of discussion about EHR/EMRs but I am concerned that the industry will be caught offguard by the emergence of the untethered PHR. We are already seeing powerful inter connected solutions with vizualization tools for the PHR. Just look at what Polka is doing in mobile and Keas is doing with care plans.

The EMR is a complex beast but at the end of the day the core data a doctor depends upon is a very limited subset. This could well end up sitting in a PHR with the patient becoming the defacto health information exchange vehicle.

Driven by consumers these will be intuitive applications unlike the EMR that has roots in complex enterprise applications that require substantial training and support investments. When was the last time you read the user manual for Google or eBay or Amazon?

My discussions also seemed to support the idea that i have been pondeting recently. The idea that we need a reputation quality metric in healthcare. Something that works for patient and provider. This is really just the formalization of the mental assessments that providers have done informally for many years. The quality/reputation metrics goes to the question. "Do I trust what I am being shown?"

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