Thursday, October 08, 2009

#health2con Looking ahead

Matthew Holt wraps up by Looking Ahead with a panel that includes:

- Glenn Tullman, Allscripts
- David Kibbe, AAFP
- Johnathan Bush, athenahealth

David Kibbe:

Spent a lot of effort to get Docs to adopt EMRs

Those services are tied to the past.

Only 15% of physicians are using EMR technologies

The products are too expensive. Too difficult to implement

Trying to help the industry to re-invent EMRs

We shouldn't be talking about EHR's and Doctors.

We need to talk about Doctors, Patients and Consumers need to make better clinical decisions.

About to see an explosive growth in Platforms in the cloud to support Doctors and Patients.

Doctors Think in terms of Control, Power (and Money - JB)

The Vendors aren't going to certify the products that define Meaningful use. ie. CHIT is out.

Many Doctors are waiting. They want to know what they are going to have to spend.

Glenn Tullman:

How has EMR adoption gone so far?

Need vision (President has done that)
Need Standards
Need incentives (ARRA is doing that)

27% of sales as SAAS solution.

Healthcare is an information business

Need to focus on "Connected HealthCare"

Physicians don't care about technology. 

They are interested in what makes them more effective.

100,000 Physicians in offices of less than 10 doctors.

Hospitals are going to become an important organizer amongst small physician groups.

CHIT will be the initial certifier
There are now 60 CHIT certified Vendors.

Believe the standards should be increased.

It shouldn't be about what should be done to qualify for Gov't funding. It should be about what is done to do right by the patient.

7k americans per year die from preventable medical errors.

Johnathan Bush:

"Software Enabled Service"

Let's put the service on the Internet. 

(AthenaHealth has 2,000 physicians)

Hospitals will deliver EHR's for Doctors as a means to keep them tied to them.

35% of claims need to be resubmitted.
52% of what Docs order never come back to the chart.

Interoperability doesn't mean anything - interoperation means a lot.

Think Johnathan Bush is saying that CHIT has to focus on enabling interoperation.Less than that and we have disconnected islands

30% of independent doctors are throwing out EMRs. How does that add up when there is such low level of use.

[Me] I think Consumers will become the integration point. They will mashup what the entrenched system providers are not prepared to offer. Think Mint for Health...

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