Wednesday, October 07, 2009

#health2con More innovations in Health 2.0

Julie Murchison of the Health 2.0 Accelerator introduces:

"Aging in Place:" is a reality. Remote care giving support is also a reality.

Benay Dara Abrams, Kinnexxus

Francis Kong, MedSimple

Kinnexxus is connecting caregivers with Care Receiveers. ie. Kids and parents.

MediSimple and Kinnexus have integrated.

Kinnexxus has a kiosk solution. No keyboard.

provides reminders and notifications to family.

Elder can report weight and other numbers via the kiosk. Failure to do this can trigger a notification to the family member.

Interesting example of how the caregiver can be prompted to compile information for the doctor in a call with the parent. The Kinnexxus portal also can feed medication and other numbers to the questionnaire and present that in an easily digestible form for the doctor.

Eliza are no demonstrating their platform.

Eliza has acquired Sprigley as a platform for recommendations.

Voice completes internet access. Engagement through voice message increase likelihood of engagement via the web (2x - 4x)

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