Tuesday, October 06, 2009

#health2con - The Patient is in!

Kaiser leads off the session on Patient Engagements.

How do these technologies work in the real world? The session emerged from a question at the previous Boston Health 2.0 Conference.

What led consumers to use Health 2.0 Tools.

Joel S - using lifeMojo

http://www.lifemojo.com for tracking exercise.

Jim R - retired.

58 years of cigarette smoking. Went to Quitnet to help.

5years without a smoke. Now trying to improve short term memory.

uses happy neuron to exercise his memory.

Matthew H - (@boltyboy)

Lose weight and risk of heart disease.

Using Sensei.com and http://www.thecarrot.com
Also tracking blood pressure in healthvault.

TheCarrot.com for tracking

Faren I - Used Excel to track herself for 2 years

Looked at 20 tools, narrowed down to 10 ended up using 2:

- http://www.TheCarrot.com
- http://www.23andme.com

TheCarrot - can track two values.

23andMe: Weighted results. Explained what it meant for you

Judy F - PR and Cancer Survivor

Volume of data is a challenge.

Metavente Health Manager.

"We are not medical professionals - we need to make information available to our medical professionals".

Indu Subaiya leads a panel:

- Mary Ellen Zipper, CapMed
- Joe Cruz
- Doug Trauner, TheCarrot.com
- Matthew Holt, Health 2.0

- Esther Dysan
Tools are too generic. They need to be ultra-personalized

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