Tuesday, October 06, 2009

#Health2con - Supporting the Doctors Office

Live from Health2.0 Conference

The Doctors Channel

Media Snacking for Doctors. Short videos targeted to Doctors. Partner with Reuters, Elsevier and others.


Centralized online system to allow Pharma Reps to get appointments with Doctors - but puts Doctors back in control.
The Doctors Office is in control - They can place requests for samples etc.

3-5 Doctors can register and be online in under 1 hour

Eliminates 20% of no show rep appointments.


Salesforce have taken a stake. A free EMR for Doctors. In the cloud. No onsite footprint.
Up and running in minutes.
Links to Quest Labs. 
SalesForce is one of the largest HIPAA compliant infrastructures in the world.

Introducing ChartShare. Open System. Allow patients to share with any US physician.

Boundary Medical

SaaS Clinical Outcome Measurement. Setup clinical trial in under 30 minutes.


Get the patients to do more of the work in managing their health and doctor appointment.
eg. Handling Co-pay. Checking information against health plan. printing receipts.

based around Patient check-in.

Open source platform practice management and EMR platform.
Patient/Physician connectivity tools.

Modular components. Marketplace being created to allow easy download and integration in to this groupware platform.


WebEx like environment for Physician Collaboration.

EmergeMD has many health verticals. Their demo was focused on Spinal Disorders.


Demonstrating Realtime Health Alerts from across the country. The real data demo should heavy preponderance of H1N1 alerts.

Ozmosis allows health alerts to be submitted back to veratech. Their analysts look at the submissions and evaluate for re-submission to the alert system. This closes the loop.


ASP hosted solution for health improvement. Putting health improvement back in the hands of the Physician.

Demo - sending a message asking patient to call. That seems lame to me. 

Guarantee 300% ROI.


Creating a Multi-Tenancy Architecture in Health Care.

See my notes from Medicine 2.0 - for more notes on doctations

Creating a Health Care Cloud. Everything you need to run a practice. Connects to 22 partners. 

The real story is how we connect. The EMR is a mechanism for connection.

Dr. Chrono

Web centric Practice Management Software. 

Work with Emdeon for clearing. Enable Claim Status to be monitored in real time.

Offer an App Store to add integrated components. Include links to Phreesia.

Integrate with Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

Also listing services: Vitals, Yelp, Google Local, Yahoo Local.

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