Thursday, January 28, 2010

#health30 - Cheryl Pegus of J&J's SymCare

Lunchtime session at Health 3.0....

Johnson and Johnson started Symcare in 2007. The presentation came from Cheryl Pegus.

The first product is inTouch Diabetes.

This offers a monitoring solution with bluetooth interface that can connect to a mobile phone and post results to a HIPAA certified website to allow remote monitoring.

A new direction for HealthCare:

- use cellphones - everyone has them.- Health Literacy - customize information. Make it simple.
- Engage health care professionals
- Rewards

Exception based reporting from home reporting led to nurse patient handling from 1 to 300 to 1 nurse for 500 patients.

The patient invites the HealthCare Professional. This reduces resistance that typically comes from Payer originated Care Management programs.

People are preferring rewards to discounts.

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