Friday, January 29, 2010

#Health30 - Jay Eisenstock of Provider eSolutions at Aetna

sNotes from the final day at the Health 3.0 Conference.

First up Jay Eisenstock in Provider eSolutions at Aetna.

Aetna is focused on leveraging distribution channels to achieve decision support.

Aetna have partnered with Navinet to provide multi-payer support for providers.

They now see the technology as commodity and intend to differentiate on the services they provide.

Clinical Tools:
- Lab orders, results and trending
- ePrescribing

- Electronic remittance
- Payment Estimator

- 150M eligibility transactions per year
- 96% electronic referrals

Created the EDI Savings Calculator. An interactive tool that calculates savings for EDI transactions. Targeted at the smaller doctors that still use manual transactions. Use savings from Milliman to help advise when Providers don't have an idea of their costs. Tool takes about 10 minutes to use to come up with an estimate of savings.

Care Considerations is a tool that mixes claims data and research to send alerts to members and providers where issues such as drug interactions are identified.

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