Monday, May 03, 2010

Catching up on Health Care

I have been offline for a while now. Staying connected to Social Media has been a challenge when so many sites are blocked while I am at work. After an exciting time at the recent #decisiontree event at the Pew Research Center I took some time to review this blog. As  I was looking through I realized that many of the reports I wrote while at the World Health Care Congress Innovation Summit in March 2010 never made it here.

Be warned!  A slew of reports are about to get posted. Then I may go quiet for about a week. Then it will be time for HealthCampRDU.

HealthCampRDU - May 13-14th, Durham, NC
Yes. thanks to the Foundation Sponsorship of BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina the next HealthCamp is HealthCampRDU being held in Durham, NC on May 14th. I am planning to be there and you can be too!

You can still sign up for the event.  Go to

You can check out more about the event at If you are planning to attend then make sure you arrive early Thursday evening, May 13th. There is a pre-event meeting. Details can be found on and your $25 entry fee to HealthCampRDU covers the May 13th meeting too!

Finally, I had hoped to organize a HealthCampDC to coincide with Health 2.0 goes to Washington. The Health 2.0 event takes place on Monday June 7th. Unfortunately, I have been unable to secure a facility for June 8th in Washington DC in order to host HealthCampDC. If anyone has a suitable venue (we need a large meeting room and a group of smaller meeting rooms with Internet access) please let me know.