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#whccic - Torben Nielsen talking about engaging consumers n Social Media and Health

Real time notes from WHCC Innovation Congress

How to engage consumers using Social Media.

Regence have a platform that has been adopted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans.

Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter create a platform for conversation.

Consumers can now build social networks using Social Media that is not restricted by geography.

YouTube - 2009 - 173M Americans went to a video store. 40% went to YouTube. It is the biggest search tool after Google itself.

Facebook took 1.5 years to reach 50M participants. Radio took 38 years, TV 13 years and the Internet 4 years.

It is User Generated Content that is the driver.

HealthCare has been paternalistic. Social Media is changing this.

The internet is the most used source for Health information (source: iCrossing) 59% then followed by Doctors (55%)

Employers no longer feature as a trusted source of advice around their choice of health plan.

Younger generations compile their information from many sources - using the internet.

Reasons for connecting online:
36% - see what others say about medication or treatment
31% others knowledge and experience

2.6M lives covered. $8.9B member premiums annually.
550,000 registered users. (33%)

Average industry is 15%.

Regence finds that many consumers are unaware of the tools that are available on the web site.

How was MyReence born?
New Member facing web site in 6 months. Member engagement on the web was at 3%

- Proven implementation process
- Agile methods
- Iterative development
- Team effort (small team)
- Test, modify, test


Choice + Information + Financial Incentives = Optimal decision related to care

Advise members, help them navigate

Continue to iterate: 26 release per year.
User group of 400 people. Use them for testing.

20 articles promoted every 2 weeks.
Members can provide topics. Members contribute to stories. Video team goes an interviews members.

myRegence now adds a Health Cost Estimator compares options across the 4 states Regence is active in.

90,000 members have created a personal health record.

Most popular segment is Female in 25-40 age range.

52,000 conversations
24,500 MyCommunity Profiles
50,000 page views per month

Top 5 boards:
Water Cooler
Health in the News
Weekly Weigh-In

Community is largely self-policing.

Moderation is transparent. It doesn't happen in the dark. The reasons for deletion of a post are posted as a reply. It helps to educate the community on appropriateness.

Personalization doesn't currently extend to knowledge of courses of treatment that a member is following. That may be something done in the future because it requires more extensive business intelligence and database interaction.

Moderating is fast (1 business day)
Posting is live. No approval process

They have provider Reviews
- the real value is that the payer can tie to a claim. Therefore you have to have had a claim before you can rate a provider. This prevents review spamming.

46,000 Provider reviews
11,000 have comments
90% of people recommend their provider
40,000 provider searches per month
Top filters: Accepting new patients, female specialty, night hours

It includes a thread on "what do you think about Regence?"
- Without it you aren't considered trust worthy.

Personal Health Record:

Save a Snapshot feature. .

Site Stats:

Minutes per visit: 12:58 mins
% single page visits: 15%
WebMD = 43%
MyOptumHealth = 80%

5.5 Visits per year

300,000 emails per month

Using Twitter to drive engagement. Also YouTube and TV ads.

Evolution Strategy:

1. Know Me
2. Engage Me'
3. Connect Me (help me find answers) Currently here.
4. Partner with Me (producing answer to others)

BCBSRI has signed up for MyRegence, part of a national Blues Community initiative powered by MyRegence.

ROI on myCommunity:

Treatment cost estimator was originally targeted at CDH members but they find many others found it useful.

Sites to check out:

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