Sunday, May 09, 2010

#FightDPS - Fight Disassociated Patient Syndrome - Check out the video (

Last week I spent a good few hours in the car listening to the radio. Instead of my usual diet of CSPAN I was listening to a music station from Chicago. One ad that came up frequently on the radio was an ad for a medical condition: Shift Work Syndrome" I am sure you can google this and find out which pharma company is behind you talking to your doctor about a new miracle drug that will overcome the sleepiness you feel after taking the drug that overcomes your "can't sleep syndrome." Anyway, I digress.....

The point is the ad got me thinking. There is a much more common ailment that afflicts everyone that comes in contact with the Health Care system. A condition that afflicts both patients and medical professionals. It is a condition that drives much of the discussion that we have at HealthCamp ( 

Which reminds me.... Are you coming to HealthCampRDU in Durham, NC this Friday May 14th? Over 100 people have already signed up at There are just a few tickets left. You can get more details at

...Back to the point of this post. Yes, there is a point! I have been asked to update a video to show @HealthCampRDU. I have produced a number of these for other HealthCamps. You can see them on my YouTube Channel: So, while I was setting about updating the video those Medical Condition Ads kept popping in to my mind and I realized that HealthCamp has been fighting a more prevalent Medical Condition: Disassociated Patient Syndrome (DPS). You may well have DPS and not even know it. Find out more by checking out the Ad on YouTube

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Spread the word! Get involved with HealthCamp and help us fight DPS.

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