Monday, May 03, 2010

#whccic Karen Kocher of Cigna

Realt time notes from WHCC Innovation Congress

Check out the Global Knowledge Exchange Network for sharing best health practices from around the world.

The Health Care industry is still in the mode of push in Social Media.

CIGNA are doing proactive scanning of Twitter to detect issues people are having issues with - not just Cigna related.

CIGNA data triggered actions:
- Public health and wellness education
- Enhanced Award winning EOB
- Customer Champion program- 24x7 Service
- "Word We Use"

Companies measure the wrong things and congratulate yourselves on those wrong things.

CIGNAs ALignment Continuum

- Awareness - i am aware of
- Understanding - I understand
- Relevance - It is relevant to me
- New Behaviors - I do things differently because of this knowledge.

Cigna's Public education program reflects the health care landscape which is dominated by the reform issue.
- Improved business performance
- Educate important stakeholders
- Position as customer advocate

Reducing out of pocket cost generates most interest. People also want to know how to navigate the health care system.
35-54 age group is rapidly adopting Social Media. It is already dominant medium in 18-24 age group.

In social media Cigna learned that people will invest up to 5 minutes. Keep things short!
Why Water? Campaign. Learn and Earn program

youTube channel. Doc Rock videos are most popular.

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