Monday, May 03, 2010

#whccic Alex Akers, Microsoft - Supplemental Products and Value Propositions for Emerging Individual Consumers

Real Time Notes from WHCC Innovation Congress

Alex Akers, Health Plan Strategist, Microsoft

1. The Cell Phone is the platform
2. Telemedicine matters
3. The best way to engage consumers is for them to have fun
4. Social Media may matter
Vision for consumer engagement:

"Mobile could be a game changer, but only for those who get in the game"
Self care is the fastest growing category in the Apple Apps Store.

Humana Sensei App is a virtual dietician app that works across desktop and mobile.

Weight Watchers: Members that attended meetings AND used tWeight Watchers Mobile lost 50% more weight.

Facebook: 300M users
50% active logon each day.

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