Wednesday, June 09, 2010

#Health2Con - Modular Meaningful use

Farzai Mostafari substituting for David Bluementhal, from the ONC.

Modular Meaningful use. Got 1500 physicians in NYC to adopt Electronic Health Records.

Addressed How the ONC makes decisions.

5 Principles:
1. Put the patient at the center (hooray!!!) Doesn't have to be via an EHR but ARRA encourages that.
2. What is it all for? Where are we trying to get - improving health care. It is not about the technology. It is about what we accomplish with the technology. Technology agnostic. Focus on outcomes. e.g Meaningful Use - meant to capture everything that connects technology to outcomes. Demonstrate what is possible with technology in short order - Be flexible in how you get there.
3. Foster Innovation - This gets us to what we can't currently imagine. Use the market. e.g R&D investment - platform innovations program. Standards - Some things more specific. Getting tough on the vocabulary but where the market is less settled - tread lightly. On Security - define it functionally rather than being specific. Don't freeze out the market with out dated standards.
4. Don't freeze out the little guy. Small practices need help. They will need help changing workflows. Delivering patient summaries. Patient reminders. Deploying Regional Extension Centers to help with this. Modular certification for meaningful use. Enable best of breed solutions to be connected together.
5. Monitor and adapt. Be evidence based. Understand what is happening on the ground. Monitor. This will provide critical input to evolution of meaningful use.

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