Wednesday, June 09, 2010

#Health2con - Wrapping up @boltyboy with Esther Dysan and others.

Realtime notes from #Health2con

Esther Dysan: 

"It is not the Government's job to be enough."  It is up to all of us. 

Will Yu - Director of Innovations at ONC

Focusing on Communication and Collaboration.
Applied Research.

Chris Schroeder - HealthCentral
If you deliver something Bigger, Faster, Easier, Better, more beautiful and someone will find a way to pay for that.

Health 2.0 and government initiatives are about breaking down Opaque

New technologies are enabling new behaviors. Most Americans have never really interacted with their personal health record.
Think how long it took to adopt online banking.

We need to turn this in to motivation for individuals.

When people go online. they don't go online to consume messages. They go online for attention.

Will Yu:
Incentives within Personal Health Management - assumes you can incentivize change.

How do you create motivation. How do you create engagement. e.g. wikipedia, Linus, Open Source (HealthCamp!!!)

Is is about creating connection. That creates powerful emotional drive.

Is there enough push from Patient Activism to drive change.

What inspires Chris is the empowered patient.  Internet Connections creating social groups gives the individual courage. We are not alone!

The market is segmented. Businesses need to make money. They need revenue. 
People are different. They are driven by other things and become role models.

The role models create data that allows the accountable to make changes.

Health 2.0'ers are becoming more savvy and sophisticated.

Harvard - BJ Fogg looking at Micro-choices.

Now the wrap up from Indu and Matthew:

Personal Health Records - It's about the ethos of the PHR.

The Health 2.0 community is more sophisticated and is more focused on how to engage.

One sector can't do it alone.

Join in the Health 2.0 Challenge

Health Innovation Week in San Francisco October 3-10.

The Conference wrapped up with a video on the use of Health 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies that show how these tools were used in the Haiti Earthquake disaster. This video was hosted by Roni Zeiger of Google.

- iPhones to document health records and treatments
- SMS short code to coordinate information 4636
- Crowdflower a micro-task platform
- Google

Google - provided a resource matching solution. 

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