Wednesday, June 09, 2010

#Health2con - Josh Seidman with Regina Holliday, Ted Eytan and Jon White

Real time notes from #Health2Con

Josh Seideman - Office of Provider Adoption Support - Office of National Coordinator - with a great panel at #Health2Con.

Regina Holliday  - What should we do to engage consumers in Meaningful use. 
73 cents per page and 21 days to get a paper record. 

Without being able to see the document, as a patient, there is no meaningful use.

How can we get Patient generated data in to the Electronic Record.

Patients verbal recall is poor. Giving verbal information with no written backup is problematic. We want to be able to review and this leads to better informed patients and better care.

Jon White - AHRQ.
Health 2.0 can provide access to any information and make it available to the patient. Why shouldn't we make it available.

Is it convenient to use. Is the provider engaged?  Quality is not just for the doctors. It is for everybody.

AHRQ - "Questions Are The Answer" 

Getting people individualized information is critical. Ask people what is useful to them. Health IT can make a difference when there is a feedback loop.

Ted Eytan - Kaiser Permanente Federation
People want to share information. This is a major change in the last 4 years. The littlest may make the slightest change to improve things. 
When patients get access it causes patients to ask questions.

Patients forget 50-80% of information by time they get home. 
Kaiser has 3.1M people on PHRs.
They have 6.1M la results online.

Physicians now want to turn up the volume and get closer to their patients. 
Getting good results importing Blood Pressure data from Microsoft Healthvault.

"We didn't know how intelligent our patients are until we started interacting with them online"

Comment from a Physician in the audience. 

The Patient owns the record. The physician guides with the structure of the record.  

The Industry has the ownership issue upside down. The Doctor doesn't/ shouldn't own the record. The Patient owns it and decides who it is shared with.

Good Doctors know that patients can have information and work with their Patients.

Jamie Haywood

Laid out a challenge to the Federal Agencies.

The Feds think Health 2.0 is here to save the Feds by doing stuff with their data.
Jamie's call was to change what we pay for.

Make a Market that entrepreneurs can benefit if they come up with innovative solutions.

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