Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Watching the live feeds from #D8

I am reading the live feeds from the Steve Jobs Keynote session at D8 All Things Digital conference.

Meanwhile Engadget are also doing a great job with pictures and liveblog coverage.

Some thoughts from the coverage:
- Rupert Murdoch looked out of touch reading his speech from a crumpled set of papers. 

- Walt Mossberg asked about the future of the iPad and betrayed his PC centric view of the world. The iPad is different. Asking if a faster processor is needed for video editing and other content creation tasks misses the point of the iPad. The iPad is a window in to the cloud. As we see more services delivered in to the cloud the iPad will act as the UI in to the cloud. When that happens the dependence on local processing is diminished. What becomes more important is the network. It is a faster network that will really unleash new services and content creation and editing possibilities on the iPad and the iPhone.

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