Thursday, October 07, 2010

#health2con and the Unmentionables with Susannah Fox - the panel session

The panel on the unmentionables from Health 2.0 Conference.

Alexandra Drane, Eliza

What works with your loved ones probably works with your customers.

Thomas Goetz, Deputy Editor, Wired Magazine - Author The Decision Tree

Feedback loops have been known to work for decades. The issue is how we can get the feedback to people. We are now using technology to provide insight to create action.

We need to unpack the variables.

Jeff Livingston, MD McArthur OBGYN

We use Facebook because we are building a relationship.

Sam Meckey, VP Disease Management, Optum Health

You have to deal with the Unmentionables (sex, Jobs, stress, Money).  you can treat other issues whne patients are dealing with the unmentionables.

Don't be afraid to have hard conversations.

Chris Cartter, GM, MeYou Health

Social Influence - Important to understand how to use social influence

Susannah Fox asked how we create an authentic voice in Social Media

Jeff Livingston - It s the same as the way you talk everywhere else. Behave like you always do. 

Alexandra Drane - Wrapped up Day One

An idea from Roni Zeiger (Google Health) -

The mission to make communities healthier.

"Talk Health To Me Baby"

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