Thursday, October 07, 2010

#health2con - Behavior Change Health 2.0 and the Unmentionables @susannahfox

More real time notes from the Health 2.0 Conference...

@susannahfox - leading a panel on behavior change....

Live, Love, Life and Care for yourself and others.

Ron Gutman @healthtap.

We know what we need to do but we are not doing it. Why?

We need feedback. How fun is a game with no scoreboard.

Take data, convert to information, transform to knowledge and trigger action.

Richard Tate, Director HopeLab

HopeLab is about using fun to engage in their health. ZamZee is a project - Go More, Get More. 
The unmentionable: Obesity.
Obesity costs us $100B /year

ZamZee online rewards program for teens thats powered by their physical activity.
Activity meter - 

Combines: Lifestyle tracking
Social Gaming
Virtual Currencies

The results: ZamZee creates the equivalent of kids running an extra 3/4 mile each day.

With cash rewards the difference in engagement between $5 and $20 is not great. So small incentives work.

Doug Solomon - CTO, IDEO

This is what Sex Sounds Like....

Challenge: Reduce unplanned pregnancies in teenage women.

Sex isn't science. We keep attacking it with logic. Sex is carnal. Yet we still try to use logic.

We need to design messages that 

use humor.... 

Be Engaging and Helpful....

Be Human....  use plain language.

+ Prototype the tone of voice.
+ Weed out industry jargon
+ Meet people where they are

Use real language to connect with real people..

Ramin Bastani, Founder, launched today in 50 states. - Spread the Love, Nothing Else.

An SMS service that can release your STD results to a partner.

Alexandra Krane - Eliza

Poor medication adherence costs $290B per year.

Having perfect health is hard... because we have a life.

Sex, Drugs, work pressures, stress, money concerns

Your systems need to handle these unmentionables.

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