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#health2con - Day 2 kicks off - 3 conversations with 3 Health CEOs

More real time notes from Health 2.0....
Lindsey Volckmann from Keas introduces the session "A conversation with 3 CEOs"

Keas has a fascinating care Management Platform. Well worth checking out at I have been using the platform for over a year and I love the KEASODL Twitter interface.

The first conversation is between Jane Sarasohn-kahn (@healthythinker) and John de Souza CEO of MedHelp.

MedHelp is 16 years old. Medhelp has 10M users on their site. They grew from 1M users in 4 years.

"Health is too important to fail"

"Side Effects can kill"

Deliver real value - it gets people to keep coming back.

Its Social - get people to talk about you.

Health 2.0 Maturity Cycle:

1. Search
2. Connect Consumers with providers
3. Create Tools

It's not about the patient - it's about every single one of us

Consumers are driving decisions

"Am I normal"  - this is the key question people have.

MedHelp is enabling consumers to answer that question by exposing more data

Medhelp is Partnering with GE Healthy Imagination and producing a range of consumer apps

MedHelp members discovered a problem with Victoria's Secret''s bras from china. In 8 weeks the community uncovered and diagnosed the problem. Formaldahyde used in the materials from bras that came from china.

Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times interviews Cio Collella, CEO Castlight Health

Cost increases in health is the big challenge in Health. New Technology is driving up cost.

Healthcare is the only industry where you enter in to a transaction and have no idea on the cost and quality. It is like going in to a supermarket the lighta are off so you can't see what you pick off the shelves and you checkout and get a bill six months later.

Castlight Health  "gives you a very good seat to a very bad movie"

Trying to create a market by creating transparency.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the groups funding the company. 

We are all going to be paying more out of pocket. The industry has to compete on cost and quality.

Price doesn't matter when you are using someone else's credit card.

Quality is important and is part of the equation.

Calm down - it takes a lot to kill a patient.

The market is changing. 

CastLight provides the shopping experience...

A major social change is happening. but they are working at the pace of health plans. But what will happen with the speed of adoption.

30 years ago the word consumer did not exist.

Consumers now are at the centre.

The Doctors graduating now are practicing online...

Elizabeth Cohen, CNN talking with Jeff Arnold, CEO Sharecare

Jeff Arnold started WebMD in 1998. What has changed...

In 1998 the discussion with hospitals was about email catching on.

ShareCare is about how to build a collective IQ.

How do you turn searches in to questions.

Celebrity Doctors drive consumer awareness

300 partners including some of the largest hospitals. These partners want to be first responders on the site.

They offer a starter kit that converts web and other published content in to questions and answers.

The progression from Q and A to Conversation to Applications 

ShareCare has a knowledge partner concept. Then have Applications to drive transaction revenue.

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