Friday, October 08, 2010

#health2con unitymedical deep dive

Unity medical offer a comprehensive platform with video. The Health risk assessment uses video to guide people through the completion of the form. The video guide engages the member in a conversation.

By completing the hra the member gets video guides delivered to them on a regular basis that are tailored to their individual needs

The delivery tool is the wonderbar

The wonderbar is configured by the user to deliver information daily at a time they choose. This can be on a PC or mobile device. It is like having a personal tv channel. Preferences can be set.on a channel by channel basis. On the backend the employer or payer can tailor the messages that are delivered on a daily basis in a channel.

St likes bariatric surgery saw a 237% increase in brand awareness by using this platform.

Question: how do companies wrap this in to an informed consent process.

Doctors can pre-record medically vetted information for their patients. The company needs to wrap their consent process around this education platform.

This is video storytelling. For wellness it covers all the major chronic conditions.

Scalability: consumers prefer video. It is far cheaper than face to face or ask the doctor solutions.

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