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#health2con - The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge sponsored by Adobe

Real time notes from Health 2.0 Conference....

This session at Health 2.0 is focused on the Developer Challenge was moderated by Indu Subaya.

Aneesh Chopra and Todd Park provided the stimulus for this event. June 2nd's Community Health Data Initiative meeting.

A new site was launched after July 4th - The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge.

6 challenges have closed. Two are still open.

The Two open challenges are:
HHS - Visual Quality indicators
National Cancer Institute - community cancer data - make data more actionable.

Aneesh Chopra - CTO, Executive Office of the President
Todd Park, CTO, US Health and Human Services
Peter Levin, CTO, Department of Veteran Affairs

The developer challenge included online challenges and live code-a-thons.

The 6 winners were introduced by the panel.

Aneesh Chopra comments:

- Last year the push was on the open government initiative.

- Innovation - Connectivity
- Market conditions to spur innovation - release government data
- National Priorities - 2 challenges: clean energy, power of IT and Innovation to improve cost and quality in Health Care.

Government can't do it on its own. We need new levels of innovation. portal launched to identify activities underway in government.

Todd Park at HHS pushed "Data Liberacion"

HHS is sitting on data. They want to unleash that data for free. "A Tsunami of data liquidity"

Make data available for free. The vision was laid out on March 11. Create an ecosystem of community health data.
within 90 days a showcase of apps were created and displayed on June 2nd.

The Blue Button is announced today:

Peter Levin explained:

A simple idea - liberate data.MyHealthyVet is a PHR for Vets. Over 1Million people already signed up.

The old way was an interoperability standard. Instead they are pushing a new idea.

Let computers do what they are good at "Interpretation"

BlueButton is a download capability. using a common data format.

Over 65,000 users in a soft launch. CMS have 5,000 users without even launching.

Under the Open Government umbrella they are announcing the Blue Button download capability

Blue Button Challenge and the Markle Foundation.

- Let people download their own personal health information.

Public and doctors agree that people should be able to download their personal health information. 65% doctors agree. 70% of the public agree. 20% and 22% are neutral respectively.

The next step is to help make the downloaded information useful.

The people who hold the data don't have to be the ones' who help you make use of it.

Decoupling this stimulates innovation.
What was learnt in the challenge. There were 9 contestants. 4 finalists including Adobe, Microsoft, Medcom, Remember It Now.

The Winner - Adobe Blue Button Health Assistant

Take years worth of complex data and make it secure, presentable

Accelerating Wireless Health Adoption:

- West Wireless Health - A group focused on how to lower cost in health care
Get consumers involved. Get a secure low cost way to put data in to the social network world.

The winner is Alan Viars (@aviars) of Videntity.

Videntity built a facebook applicaiton that allows users to share health information with a select group of firends. The information is stored in the RestCat platform - an open source platform.

The RestCat platform connects devices like pedometers to your social network

PracticeFusion: Real time Patient Data Challenge

Practice Fusion - Some geeks hacked a digital weight scale. They added hardware to post the data to the internet. They then integrated this with Microsoft HealthVault. We saw that Todd Park weights 145 lbs. Using Patient Fusion Sync the data flowed through to Practice Fusion.from Microsoft HealthVault.

Practice Fusion has released an application platform to integrate with the Practice Fusion EMR platform.
Health Factor: Healthy Cities Challenge

Create a tool to incorporate community health information in to daily decisions.

Access Interactive built an android application, an augmented reality app that combined real estate listing information and Community health information. What is the health care like, what is the environment like. They used data from Zillow for Real Estate data. This was mashed up with community health data such as

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