Thursday, October 07, 2010

#health2con - Search and Content - the panel discussion

Matthew Holt moderates a panel on search and content

West Shell - CEO - Healthline
Ravij Raj - GM - RightHealth
Benjamin Wolin - Co-founder/CEO - Everyday Health
Jeremy Shane - President - HealthCentral
Alistair Rock - President Unity Medical

100M consumers / month go to US Health Web Sites.

Dealing with health on the web is very hard. Payers speak billing codes, physicians speak latin, patients speak different languages. The search engines have to translate between them. Searchers are also at different stages of a condition. Is this the ultimate personalized search challenge.

RightHealth launched TweetBeat at TechCrunch Disrupt. It monitors trends on Twitter.
HealthLine demonstrated a 3D visual body map application. Every organ in the body has been mapped to a taxonomy. 3D maps of organs you can delve inside and rotate. This links with symptom checkers and treatment finders.

TV has historically had the lionshare of marketing budgets. But that is changing because the web offers so much more in the way of targeting opportunities. Information /Search sites offer many marketing opportunities because Consumers are searching for specific issues. This offers the opportunity to target niche markets.

We are seeing pharma internet spending focus down to a few high quality sites. We are also seeing spend going to very targeted sites.

Alistair Rock of Unity Medical demoed UM's platform that is being used by a number of insurers.

150M Americans suffer from chronic conditions. Unity Medical is launching a Health Risk Assessment and Wellness platform in conjunction with a health insurer. The WonderBar pushes HD video content to the user and integrates social networking.

Insurers have a lot of data that can be contributed to the search eco system to help consumers find answers.
Data becomes more valuable when it can be associated with others to create benchmarks to allow performance comparisons. ie. How am I doing?

User Experience in Healthcare is about to go through a transformation. Video is becoming a critical element.

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