Thursday, October 07, 2010

#health2con - Search and content - new models and partnerships - ShareCare

I am at the Health 2.0 Conference (#health2con). These are my real time notes from the sessions.

Chiara Bell of Univita introduced the session.

First up: Jeff Arnold , CEO of ShareCare.

ShareCare is a search engine and Q and A site for health. Keyword search prompts the questions to ask. It brings together content from many qualified sources from celebrity doctors, to health systems and hospitals. There is geo-targeting to localize the results.

May organizations are involved such as American Heart Association, AARP, american Diabetes association.
Johns Hopkins is one of the hospitals represented. They have answered over 5,000 questions on multiple topics. Their YouTube channels are also incorporated in to the site.

ShareCare has an Open API that allows partners to create applications inside ShareCare. A partnership with MDLive allows live video consults.

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