Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#WHIT bright and early session on Accountability through Analytics

More from the last day of #WHIT...

A presentation by MDI and Analytics Partners on Accountability through Analytics

Lisa Davis, CEO of Analytics Partners and Cary Smith, VP of Business Architecture at MDI.

7:15 am -
8:10 am
BREAKFAST MARKET INSIGHT: Healthcare Reform: Leveraging Analytics to Optimize ACO Operations
Learn how data warehousing and analytics can help you address today’s most challenging healthcare reform initiatives.
  • Drive better outcomes through evidence-based guidelines and clinical performance measures
  • Use benchmarks to increase efficiency in contracting with health plans and providers
  • Monitor and manage adherence to regulatory guidelines
Lisa Davis
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Analytics Partners 

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Both companies are based in Jacksonville, FL.

MDI started developing networks and analytics for prisons. MDI offers a Software as a Service Analytics solution. They have an interesting claims analysis drill down based around a body map.

Cary Smith: 

Incentives emerging for Value-based decisions. Evidence-based medicine. NCQA put out draft standards that may influence ACO management.

Accountable Care Organizations will be judged based on their performance. 

A fascinating discussion ensued with the audience. A quick summary.... When patients have developed a condition measurements around the condition don't necessarily improve the outcome. The best option is to identify the condition and work out how to measure the pre-cursors to the condition and watch for it in order to take corrective action early. However, up to now the spending on lifestyle coaching has not paid off. I believe that the reason it has not paid off is that we have not worked out how to integrate the coaching in to the "Rhythm of life" of those individuals.

Is Medical Home a competitor to ACOs?

Companies appear to be ready to move forward with ACOs regardless of the outcome of the recent elections.

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