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#WHIT Moving to meaningful use with MedPlus (Quest) Care360.

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8:20 am -
9:15 am
OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Moving Towards Meaningful Use One Step at a Time - Lessons from the Practice Front Lines
  • Utilizing information to improve quality, satisfaction, and efficiency by redesigning and reengineering the delivery of care through innovation and information technology
  • Hear first-hand experience from a small practice provider on their adoption process and how they dealt with issues related to capital, workflow, data security, interoperability and other challenges
  • Assess the role of one payer in supporting physician adoption before Meaningful Use was established and the complementary eHealth program that was designed to advance physician technology innovation
  • Examine a new EHR approach that enables faster implementation, physician adoption and access to ARRA incentives

Paulo Andre, MD
Attending Neurologist, Neurological Services P.C., 
MetroWest Medical Center,
Vice President,
MetroWest Healthcare Alliance 

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Meera Kanhouwa, MD, MHA, FACEP
Medical Information Officer
MedPlus, a Quest Diagnostics company 

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Gregory S. LeGrow
Director, eHealth Innovation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts 

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Greg LeGrow talking about Care360 EHR pilot at BCBSMA

Only 32% of small physicians have an EHR solution.

Lessons learned:
- Active Physician Champions are vital 
- Sponsorship and Financial Subsidies
- Choice of Lab and Radiology to address lock in fears
- Provider Advisory Group online community to increase level of engagement and peer support

Dr Paulo Andre:

EHR features required:
- Web Based
- Share data across the network not just in a practice
- Clinical notes
- Clinical messages
- Tests: Lab results, images etc.

Most EHRS made it difficult to share online, had a big learning curve, disrupted workflow and productivity, were complex and expensive ($500/month and $40k/Doctor)

They wanted something as simple and flexible as gmail.

MedPlus Care360 provides:
- web-based
- Easy sharing
- Disease Registry and able to send HEDIS quality feedback via EHR Message system
- Flexible data input: type, Speech recognition or upload transcriptions
- No impact to patient throughput - workflow doesn't impede workload
- Online upgrades make it easy to maintain
- Intuite and minimal training needed.
Phase 1: e-perscribe, Messaging
Phase 2: EHR with notes.

- Accessible from iPhone and iPad.

MetroWest experience:

100 Physicians in 40 Facilities selected Care360
74 from 30 facilities have activated Care360.
59 Physicians at 27 facilities are using Care360 daily.
Paper to Electronic transition in 4 weeks.

Meera Kanhouwa, MedPlus:

MedPlus: >160k physicians and >70,000 Practices
>120 EMRs

MedPlus is an IT subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics.

Average time to deploy is 16 business days.

94% of all US Practices are 5 physicians or less.

4,500 physicians in Maryland are connected.

- 40B Lab Results for 120M patients.
- Medication History, inc. Vaccines and allergies.

Quest connects to Google Health, KEAS and Microsoft HealthVault.

Care360 Mobile on iPhone/iPad.

Partnership with HP to deploy equipment and connectivity.

Actively involved with RECs.

Subscription based system. Data is not held hostage.

Care360 is a hosted single instance system. Every physician (172,000+) on Care360 is in the network. 

Interesting note:
10 Physician referrals increase a hospital bottom line by $1 M to $1.5M.

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