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#whit Bill Crounse (@MicrosoftMD) talking about commodity IT in health

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How Commodity IT and the Net are Transforming Health and Health Care
  • Leaders and followers; progress made and opportunities ahead to improve global health with ICT
  • Looking beyond the EMR. It’s what we do next that counts!
  • Optimizing organizational efficiency, modernizing health information, connecting to consumers, and streamlining the delivery of health information and medical services
Bill Crounse, MD
Senior Director, Worldwide Health
Microsoft Corporation 

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America is so far behind on Electronic Health Records....

Real time web - only 1.6B have adequate coverage.

Trends in e-Healthcare:

- online appointments scheduling
- web messaging with physician and support staff
- Access to lab and radiology
- Rx Refills
- Reminders and information therapy - MyGroupealth shown as an example of the future.

80% of patients online
30% of activity is now performed online rather than at doctors office. The government is stepping up.

Todd Park, CTO of HHS was included in a video interview.

President Obama, as his own suggestion, recorded a demo of using

Reference also made to BlueButton initiative and how that data can be extracted and imported to PHRs like HealthVault.

HealthCare is going consumer-centric.

All the data for all of your life in one place.

MayoClinic HealthManager was shown (powered by HealthVault)

Showed an example of how health information and exercise can be recorded in custom trackers which users can use to correlate issues like Migraine with activity, diet, sleep and exercise.

HMSA in Hawaii recognized as using HealthVault powered by American Well for online care.

"The Power of Commodity"

- Unified Communications

EMR needs to be like Cable TV. Plug it in, pay subscription, use it.

Another example: Wound Management with satellite communications and community nurses. Saving hospitalization at rate of $72k per patient.

"To the Cloud"

Public or Private doesn't matter.

Put the patient at the center. Give them the PHR - Don't we eliminate the need for NHIN/HIE/RHIO?

As the patient moves through the system their data moves with them.... so much simpler.

We are moving to new user interfaces with anticipatory features.

Surface now evolving to No touch and 3D

now we have XBox Kinect.  It sits in your living room and follows your movements and knows who you are. Can provide video conferencing in the living room.

check out Bills. Healthblog

Medical Tourism is very real.  My thought is that American Well's online care technology is providing amazing potential for virtual medical tourism.

Health Insurance is a misnomer. You will always need to use the services covered by Health Insurance. 

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