Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#WHIT @lygeia Riccardi moderating a panel - the Next gen of connected Health PHRs v EHRs

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9:45 am -
10:30 am
KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Next Generation of Connected Health – Debating PHRs vs. EHRs
  • Transforming the flow of information for tomorrow’s consumer
  • Overcoming security and privacy concerns
  • Driving consumer innovation and participation in health and wellness
Lygeia Ricciardi
Principal, Clear Voice Consulting, LLC; 

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Bill Crounse, MD
Senior Director, Worldwide Health
Microsoft Corporation 

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Linda Fischetti, RN, MS
Chief Health Informatics Officer
Veterans Health Administration 

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Edward Glynn, MD
Ambulatory Medical Director of Informatics
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.
Also on the panel: Donna Cryer @dcpatient 

Wow - a Patient on the stage at WHIT!

Changing Demographics will drive adoption of electronic solutions. Changing Expectations will drive the change.

Bill C: when systems become transactional and data is provided FOR me then usage of PHR's / EHRs will take off.

Linda F: VA asks their Vets want functionality they want using online survey tools.

Donna C: Patients are very practical - is it a good use of my time. What about Patient Efficiency!

Bill C: Payers are starting to "get it" change the payment system to change behavior

Bill C: The value doesn't come from EMR - it is what you do next that counts.

Linda F:  some "deviant" communities that have adopted EHRs at 2-3 times the national average. Rural areas often have their act together. Using technology to break down barriers of time, distance and geography.

Donna C: "when you give the same information to the same healthcare organization multiple time I am thinking - You could kill me"

Ed G: The industry has no incentive to share. It is up to the Consumer.

Ed G: We need to change business models 

Bill C/Linda F: It is not PHR v EHR it is PHR + EHR

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