Monday, November 08, 2010

#whit Mohan Nair - Are you market follower or market maker?

Notes from #WHIT:

Mhan Nair introduces Newt Gingrich...

Newt Gingrich - "If you can't afford to buy a house.... " The audience responds: "Don't buy one" But some respond "Find a different creditor."

America is a crossroads as China and India outstrip USA in rate of change.

In 1941 The USA fought 3 regimes, constructed 2 ocean fleets and mobilized across the world in under 44 months. Change in Healthcare is galacial in comparison.

We need a long term payment system that works.

We need an electronic platform for Medical records.
"Safe medicine is cheaper medicine"

$70-120B per year is lost in Medicare fraud.
To change healthcare, we have to break through all the existing rules.

If FDR had fought World War II while following existing Federal rules it would have taken 40 years.

HealthCare has to be electronic and open.

We should have realtime data flows for health. It would allow agencies like the FDA to react more quickly.

We need a handful of simple rules that help us change the system.

A doctor in the audience pointed out how their hospital system is electronic but their electronic signature is not authorized. so they have to print out and sign documents. They use a dictation system but spend more time correcting the dictation.

Patient Engagement: What are Newt's thoughts - "Health is 10x more complicated that National Security.

You need to make sure there are basic standards in the profession. If you are unconscious from a car wreck - you are in no position to be engaged. But at same time. Dealing with a complex condition the patient absolutely should be engaged. It is a graduated process.

One of the things Newt is most worried about:
Fundamental Processes:
- Government should pay for outcomes - not processes.

The problem of bureaucracy... we want to study a problem long enough to make it perfect.

The underlying problems are that we need to completely re-think the health care system.

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