Monday, November 08, 2010

I am blogging from #Whit in Alexandria

Dateline: Alexandria, VA Nov 8th, 2010:  I am blogging from the World Health Care Congress Innovation and Technology Congress v6.0. Watch out for a stream of posts for anything that catches my eye at this big event that is being held in Alexandria, VA. If you can reach twitter you can follow the conference using the Twitter hashtag is #WHIT.

This will be a busy week. I was at a Returning Instructor's meeting at @skiliberty yesterday. Yes - it is nearly ski season again.
The next 3 days are the WHIT Conference. I am speaking this lunchtime in the Innovation session. 

Tomorrow has a meeting of the WHIT 7.0 Advisory Board that I have been asked to participate in.

On Friday the week culminates with @CareFirst sponsoring and hosting HealthCampDC (#hcdc10) at their DC HQ. If you want to come to one of the most vibrant healthcare meetings in the area come to HealtCamp. Find out more at  HealthCampDC was even featured in CareFirst's Intranet magazine - InsideCarefirst today. It will be interesting to see what people think about the idea of an un-conference. 

The Conference kicks off in under half an hour. Later in the day Chet Burrell, CEO of CareFirst BCBS joins one of the panels to discuss how forward thinking health plans are positioning for Tomorrow's marketplace. I am also talking on that topic earlier in the day.

In the aftermath of the US Elections HealthCare faces a turbulent couple of years but the underlying issues haven't really changed. If we want to bend the cost curve we have to manage health and wellness more effectively than we have so far. Patient and Consumer engagement in their health is the issue we have to solve. It is going to be fascinating to watch developments and to hear the insights from the people presenting at WHIT 6.0.

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