Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Health3 63M visits to in 2009 - How?

Live blogging from the Health 3.0: The Next Online Generation Conference in Orlando Florida.

Here is the outline for this session from the published Agenda:

9:00 Case Study: How Kaiser Permanente Generated 62 Million Visits to KP.Org in 2009
More than 3 million Kaiser Permanente members are managing their health on, Kaiser's web site. The data shows that this service is providing significant value to web site users and Kaiser Permanente. The 2009 numbers are impressive: 62 million visits to, 22 million lab test results viewed online, 9 million e-mails sent to providers, 200,000 online behavior change programs completed. In this session we will look:

  • How to obtain and maintain this level of member engagement
  • Impact to both members and the care delivery system
  • How to integrate online behavior change into your health plan

Pamela Larson, MPH
Director, Consumer Health

It is about the members....
Integrated Care Delivery is the backbone of the system.
Physicians and Members are connected. KP Health Connect (For the Professionals) feeds My Health Manager (Patients View)
There are 8 different instances of the system. One for each region.

Key Principles: Transparent, Accessible, Consistent, Secure

Watch out for: Pay attention to culture change and listen to the voice of the member.

My Health Manager:
- Secure view of EHR (lab results, immunizations, allergies, past visits, reminders)
- Team interaction (email, assessments)
- Convenient Transactions (Refill prescriptions, manage appointments, act for a family member)
- Education (health reference resources, behavior change programs)

Members benefit from engagement in their health.
...And now members want it all on their handheld device.

56.1% of members are engaged in their Health online.
The largest jump in usage occurred in 2008 when email your doctor and Lab Results were added to the site.

Upcoming challenges: How to give access to non-members (eg. family carers who are not members) and going mobile.

It is not about the Health Record...
It is about timely, current and relevant information. An "in the moment" ability to act. About teachable moments. Its about meeting members where they live.

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