Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Health3 Winning in the Relationship Era

 Conference in Orlando Florida.
Here is the outline for this session from the published Agenda:

Winning in the Relationship Era™ :  Leveraging Emerging Technologies to build Trust & Transactions for Sustainable Competitive Advantage  
Consumer trust in health insurance providers is at an all-time low, while industry expectations of the individual's accountability and responsibility for their benefit and health management continue to rise.  This discussion will look at the key components of Trust in the new era of marketing – the Relationship EraTM - and provide innovative examples of technology-enabled strategies health plans can leverage to demonstrate credibility, care and congruence with their members and prospects. 

Karen Carr
VP of Strategic Growth and Innovation

Why do some companies and brands consistently lead?

"Firms of Endearment" - Google, Trader Joe', Ikea, BMW, Southwest, Starbucks.....

Product Era (1900-1960's)
Consumer Era (1960-2000's)
Relationship Era (2000-)

Sustainable relationships involve both transactions and trust.

Trust is a function of 3 factors:
- Deliver on its promises
- Understands my needs
- Resonate with my values

Health Plan consumer trust in on the decline. 

What can we do about it?  The 3C's of Trust
1. Credibility
2. Care
3. Congruency

84% of US Consumers are more likely to trust a company that uses Jargon-free plain english in communications

Information Design: Easy, Relevant, Clear, Colorful

BlueCross BlueShield is mentioned as partnering for innovation by working with HelloHealth (Myca)

Congruency: Purpose - something uncovered and not defined.

In the relationship era it is important to understand the consumer's "Why."

Fear and negativity are not as effective as the emotional connection.

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