Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#Health3 Engaging the Patient in a mobile world (Dusty Fisher)

Live blogging from the Health 3.0: The Next Online Generation Conference in Orlando Florida.

The afternoon workshop is being given by Dusty Fisher of Race Street Group LLC.

"Blend Information with Communication"

A selection of people at the Workshop from:
- Trizetto
- Geisinger
- PMC Health Plan
- Medical Mutual of Ohio
- BlueHealth Cooperative
- BCBS Florida
- BCBS Louisiana

Off the table:
- Evidence Based Medicine
- Online PHR
- Health Reform

1200 BC our ancestors carried a mobile device to aid memory.

80% of smartphone users only access the Internet via their smartphones.

Users of Social Networks share information but still want facts from web sites. 

People are using smartphones to access information they don't want others to know about. ie. they don't want people looking over their shoulderwhen they are at a desktop computer.

The 50-90 age group are the fastest growing segment online. This group are avid blog readers.

Video is a powerful tool but you must relate to the audience. Use humanity to create a connection.

Mayo Clinic gets a call out for the great work they do with Social Media - Well done @LeeAase

Include QR Codes in your printed materials.Women make heavier use of tags. They are found in women's magazines. The bit.ly url shortener will automatically create a QR Code for any link that bit.ly creates.

In the USA Women are the predominant smartphone users - this is different to every other country in the world. This is important because women are the primary health decision maker in most family units.

Tony Zingale of Jive Software recently quoted Social Media benefits as a result of a survey they conducted: The results were pretty staggering. Internally, companies reported a 37% increase in project collaboration and productivity, 30% higher employee satisfaction and a 32% reduction in time to find answer. The most welcomed result might be a 27% reduction in email. Externally, customers reported a 31% increase in customer retention, 34% higher brand awareness, a 27% increase in new customer sales and a 28% decrease in call support volume. (For another view on how companies should use social media, check out Jeremiah Owyang on NBC’s Press:Here, which aired yesterday.) 

Stock Photos don't work. People want new and real. 

Cyber Skepticism: Digital Natives are coming to terms with the indelible stamp they leave on the Internet. 

Don't Do's:
- Be Fake (Medseek created a fake person on Facebook)
- Don't be a slave to personality or design (do pages load sensibly)
- Get the accurate url in print. and make sure it is one people can type correctly
- Size and speed matter.  Each second delay is a 7% reduction in conversion and brand damage
- Tiny to Sixty inches (your page must scale)
- Abdicate ownership of your domains and URLs. (Do you have password access to all your domains)

The Next Problem:
- Cookies and Tracking (how many cookies are you using)

The Next Opportunity:
People are playing games - Join in.

Pick a cause. Create a Cause. Make it simple. Make it actionable.

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