Thursday, January 27, 2011

#Health3 My Navigating risk in #hcsm / mobile session and followed by mHealth Innovations by @endogoddess

Live blogging from the 
 Conference in Orlando Florida.
Here is my session outline: 

Understand and Navigate Risk and Exposure Associated with Social Media and Mobile Technology in Medical Information Exchange
Health Care organizations navigating the world of Social Media and Mobile Interaction with consumers have to tread carefully to avoid alienating their audience, upsetting regulators, and complying with changing legislation. In this session learn some approaches to minimize the risk and maximize the value from these new channels. In this session we will cover:

  • Keeping it simple, plan for the inevitable and learn from the trailblazers
  • Empowering your members and associates to think - it's just another day
    and another channel
  • Putting the member/patient in charge of the information exchange

Mark Scrimshire
Director of Internet Channel Strategy

My presentation has been posted to Slideshare: 

I was followed by a fascinating example of mHealth by Dr. Jennifer Dyer (@endogoddess):

How to Use mHealth Innovations to Improve Health Outcomes and 'Cut the Cost Curve' for Patients with Diabetes
Learn about a successful mhealth case study in the pediatric endocrinology clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio that used weekly SMS texting to improve health outcomes and insulin adherence in teens with type 1 diabetes. Discussions include practical theories of behavior change associated with texting such as improved patient engagement and how such patient engagement defines the evidenced-based standard of care for quality diabetes care. The bolus-reminder iphone app developed by Dr. Dyer to both automate and personalize the text messages for optimizing insulin adherence will be demonstrated. Cost-curve savings and analysis will be applied as well as practical examples of how mhealth can fit into the physician workflow. Lack of physician reimbursement is discussed as a current barrier to the growth of such cost-saving innovations. Learning objectives:

  • Define mhealth
  • Define patient engagement and health behavior changes through the use of mobile phones
  • Review significant morbidity savings and rehospitalization savings with increased patient engagement
  • Discuss how mobile health applications can fit into a physician's workflow
  • Physician reimbursement for communications time: current mhealth barrier

Jennifer Shine Dyer MD, MPH
The Ohio State University, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Great presentation from @endogoddess on the use of text messages and Applications to reduce the cost of Diabetes management.

Text messaging provides greater adherence at a greatly reduced cost.

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