Monday, February 28, 2011

We hold the keys to better health

Jim Marks posted a great article on The Health Care Blog: Health Insurance Doesn't Necessarily Mean Better Health.

The choices we each make have a profound effect on our health. As Jim points out:

"Although genes and medical care are vitally important, we’re increasingly understanding that where we live, learn, work and play affect our health even more. That is clearly what we saw last year when we released the first look at what factors affect health in every county of the nation."

What we eat, the quality of the education we provide for our kids, the housing and community all have an impact. When we couple those factors with a Life Record that helps us track health, habits and well being we have the building blocks for a life of vitality.

More healthcare doesn't automatically equate to better health. We need to pay closer attention to our vital signs and overall well being so that we can seek medical attention when it is appropriate.

Why don't you come along to one of the upcoming HealthCamps to discuss this and other aspects of engaged health. 

HealthCamps are taking place in San Diego, CA, New Haven, CT and Tampa, FL:

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