Thursday, February 24, 2011

We need a Life Record. An EMR misses the symptom information that leads us to needing an EMR

Meaningful use start's with Patient Data. Not Data about the patient but rather - The Patient's Data. As in "the Patient OWNS their data." 
If you want to understand the importance of the Patient owning and having automatic access to THEIR health data just take an opportunity to listen to @ReginaHolliday's story of how she lost her husband.
I was at a Social Media event last night and jotted some notes from Regina Holliday's talk. ( ).
That discussion drove home the fact that we don't know what needs to be in our PHR. We need a life record not a medical record. Then we need tools to be able to evaluate the data points we collect and look for meaning.
A life record would hold the clues to the symptoms that prompted us to visit a physician or hospital which would result in information being added to our medical record.