Tuesday, March 22, 2011

@health2con Day 2 kicks off looking at Food and Wellness

Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya kick off the day. First a recap from yesterday.

We need to look at Tools, Institutions and Policy

Food is a foundation stone of Health and Vitality. Prevention is a cure.

Our Social Graph influences our behaviors. 

We have to make health care cheaper.

ReplaceMyMD.com was shown as a mobile App.  There is a story behind that domain.
FDA is getting involved in genetic testing and medical devices.

A big day is in store. Amazing brain power and some high power federal representatives (@ToddPark)

Food and Wellness

Dean Ornish talking about the power of lifestyle medicine.

How do you sustain healthy lifestyles: Joy, Freedom and Pleasure. Yet HealthCare is largely fear based.

The Idea of taking a pill is easy - this is not the case. 

Health care language is Moralistic, Fascist and Toxic. 
Guilt anger and humiliation ultimately unproductive. 

Life is a succession of microchoices that are directional. If you like it you will do it.
Microchoices are simple and sustainable. Artery blockages are a function of level of lifestyle change.

Food is not good or bad. Some are just healthier.
The next step is to track it - at the level of granularity that works for us individuals.

Help people connect the dots between what they do and how they feel. Awareness is the first step to healing.

Oxygen makes your brain get bigger. Walking 30 mins 3x per week can cause your brain to get bigger.
Your skin looks better with more oxygen. You look younger. Check out smokingisugly.com

Smoking makes you impotent. Nice message. 

Telomerase affect longevity. Lifestyle can increase this.

Genes are not deterministic. You can make lifestyle changes that override "Bad Genes"

75% of $2.5Trillion are due to chronic diseases and most are preventable through diet and lifestyle.

The USA is driving global illness. 

After 17 years Medicare has covered the Medicare Lifestyle Project. The first lifestyle project ever to be covered.

Loneliness, depression and isolation increase mortality by 3-7 times.

It is not a lack of information.

Social Networking = intimacy and healing through connection and community.

Altruism, Forgiveness and Love is the route to transformation.

We are creatures of community. 

There is true power in lifestyle medicine.

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